Discount Prom Suits and Tuxedos

We have great news for the graduating class of 2022.  You can own your prom suit or tuxedo for less than it would cost you to rent a prom suit!

We’re offering the graduating class of 2022 an additional 10% off our already discounted price on all men’s suits and tuxedos. In most cases you will be able to own your prom suit for less than $100.00.

With over 500 mens suits & tuxedos to choose from, you can be the envy of your school and you don’t have to worry about returning the suit the next day!  It’s yours.  You own it!

Choose from our many different styles & colors. Available in Slim Fit, Modern Fit and Classic Fit Sizes from 34S-62L Jacket, 28-56 Pants.  Be sure to check out our huge selection of accessories including ties, bow ties, pocket squares, hankies and more.

Click any of the images below to start shopping for your prom suit.  

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Prom Suits

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Why It’s More Economical to Buy a Wedding Suit Or Tuxedo Than To Rent


When formal occasions arise such as black tie dinners or weddings, most men think it will be cheaper to rent a suit or tuxedo than to buy one. Usually the reverse is true.

Boys Suits

We also have a boy’s suits and tuxedos to fit all ages

In some cases this could be true. High end mall department stores can charge a pretty penny for men’s formal wear. However, at King Formal Wear a three piece suit or tuxedo set is frequently cheaper to buy than to rent!

Renting a tux can run as much as $400 to $500 for one day. According to, the average cost of renting a tuxedo is $196.00. Usually a deposit is required in addition to the cost of the suit, and you have the inconvenience of having to return it the next day (when you would rather be sleeping in)!

At King’s our premium quality 3 piece designer suits are less than $130.00. Likewise with our Tuxedos. You can get a premium quality tuxedo for under $130.00! We also have you covered for the kids with boy’s tuxedos, suits, ties and shirts to fit all from toddler to young adult.

Not only can you save money on your suit, you get to keep it when the wedding or other formal occasion is over and sleep in instead of rushing it back to the tuxedo rental shop.

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Big Savings on our Economy Suit Packages

business suit sale

Our blue economy suit packaged with a tie (color as shown), french convertible cuff tuxedo shirt and pocket square.  This is perfect for business wear, proms, weddings, church suits, and all formal occasions. Note: This special has ended.  Please see our other sale priced men’s suits.

Questions or problems with your order? Call us at 213-745-4407 or send us an email.

Wedding Suits for Men

wedding suitsSpring is here.  The season of love and weddings and to help you tie the knot affordably we have slashed prices on all men’s suits and formalwear.  Choose choose from a wide selection of wedding suits including modern fit suits, slim fit suits, tuxedos and more in your choice of colors.  For those who are not in the Los Angeles area, we offer free regular shipping on all men’s suits.

If you are located in Los Angeles and prefer the experience of being able to see, touch and feel our selection of Italian Designer men’s suits you can stop in at either of our stores in the Los Angeles Fashion District.

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